Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or on 303 905 4439 if you have any questions that we have not answered here or elsewhere on the website.

What is the closest major city and airport?
The closest major city is Denver which is located approx. 2.5 hours from the Ranch. Denver has a major international airport. There are shuttle buses or Greyhound services that run to Vail multiple times a day from the airport and Downtown

What is life like on the Ranch?
Piney River Ranch is a unique destination as it is a privately owned Ranch located inside the White River National Forest. We are a major tourist destination for day trippers. We also host weddings, events and overnight guests. Days can get crazy from the sheer volume of people.

Where will I live?
Housing is limited and can only be offered to our full time out of town staff. Housing is mostly studio style cabins with one or more roommates. Bathroom and laundry facilities are located a short walk from employee housing. No accommodations have plumbing inside them. Each employee will have a twin bed and a small closet. Storage is limited! We do not have employee housing suitable for couples. Bedding will be provided however most people prefer to bring their own. Employees are responsible for bringing their own towels, bathing and laundry products.

Each employee is responsible for the cleanliness of his or her area. As these are studio style rooms please be respectful to your roommate and keep your area tidy at all times. There is no single housing available. There are no cooking facilities in employee housing. Employees share a group BBQ grill which they are responsible for keeping clean. A short walk from employee housing is your break area. Here there are showers, cooking facilities, a fridge to store food and washer and dryer. Again employees are responsible for keeping this area clean and tidy.

We do not have room for personal RV’s.

$400/month deducted from your paycheck.

Some employees do opt to rent a place in Vail for the summer and carpool in as the ranch can become a little quiet and repetitive after a few weeks of no cell or internet. Housing in Vail can be incredibly difficult and expensive to find. We do not assist with helping employees find housing off site.

Who chooses my roommates?
Room assignments are made ahead of time by management. If you are arriving with a friend and would like to be housed together please let us know ahead of time. All housing is same sex unless otherwise agreed upon by management prior to arrival.

Will I work 40 hours a week?
Work schedules, including number of hours worked and days off, will vary based on staffing needs and business levels. Actual hours worked in a week may vary week to week. Employees may be asked to take more than two days off and/or may be required to work a six-day week, again, depending on staffing needs. Hours are not guaranteed, however we do our best to provide 40+ hours per work week. Our work week is from Monday to Sunday.

How often will I get paid?
Every two weeks. You will receive your first paycheck approximately three weeks after you start working. (It may be a little sooner if you begin work in the middle of a pay period.) You can choose to do direct deposit or check.

Where is the closest bank?
The closest bank is a 45 minute drive in to town. Please keep this in mind when choosing to be paid by check.

How do I get mail?
We do not get mail/UPS/Fedex delivery at the Ranch. You can have mail sent to our PO Box or our UPS box if needed.

Do I need a car?
Although not needed on the Ranch it is convenient to have one so you can easily get in to town when needed. Keep in mind the road to the Ranch is a bumpy dirt road so cars with higher clearance are recommended but not necessary. Cars with lower clearance can easily make the drive it just may take a little longer.

What is the weather like at Piney?
Be prepared for everything – we are located at 9350 feet and the weather can change in an instant. You may experience snow and rain while you are here.

What should I pack to come to Piney?
The temperature over the summer varies greatly. Pack clothing that can be worn in layers. Bring a good jacket and a sweatshirt or fleece. We also recommend bringing good sturdy hiking shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. A decent sleeping bag is also recommended.

Until we open on June 21st we have limited water and power available so we recommend bringing plenty of bottled water, non perishable food items that don’t need to be prepared and decent snacks that will both fuel and satisfy.

Is there cell phone service?
We are powered entirely by a generator and rely on a cell phone booster for all of our cell phone needs. Cell phone service is limited to a small area inside the main lodge. Only Verizon works at the Ranch. Many people who do not have Verizon purchase a prepaid Verizon phone from Walmart for the duration of the Summer. There is no land line.

Is there Wi-Fi access?
As we are powered entirely by a generator our internet service is satellite and incredibly limited. Wi-Fi access is limited to one area – the employee breakroom. You will find the service is much slower than what you are used to. We are always working to improve our systems but we face many tech challenges due to the remote nature of the Ranch.

Can I bring my pet?
Due to limited space and close living quarters no pets are allowed.

Is there television reception at Piney?
Piney River Ranch does not have television or cable services anywhere on the ranch. Due to the remoteness of the Ranch you will be unable to get reception of any sort.

Are there appearance guidelines?
Your appearance at work is a part of the impression we make on our guests and so it is important to us. Our standards include, but are not limited to, maintaining a neat and well-groomed hairstyle and reporting to work with a clean, wrinkle-free uniform. Extreme hairstyles and extreme tattoos will not be allowed for employees in guest contact positions. While on duty one pair of earrings is allowed, and can be worn in the ear only, not in the nose, eyebrow, tongue or any other visible location.

Will the company provide uniforms?
Piney River Ranch provides partial uniforms for all job positions. You will be asked to bring clothing that will make up the rest of your uniform. such as specific shoes, pants or shorts.
You will be informed prior to starting work what additional clothing you will be required to bring.

Will I have fun?
That entirely depends on you.  Yes you will work hard but you can also make great friendships and be a part of a once in a lifetime experience. Your summer can be whatever you make it.