Thank you for your interest in working at Piney River Ranch! We employ international students each summer season. Most students participate in the Work and Travel Program with J-1 visas. You – the applicant must apply for the visa independently. We are not able to apply for the visa for you.

International Students (J-1 Visas)

Attending a university outside the U.S.?

What is a J-1 Visa?

It is a student visa, meant to promote goodwill and gain a cultural understanding of life in the U.S. We participate in the Work and Travel Program.
Below are some of the sponsoring agencies we have dealt with. Visit their websites and find out how to apply for a job at Piney River Ranch. There are fees associated with this program and not all agencies will have an in-country office.




Generally speaking, J-1 visa applicants must:
  • Be 18 – 28 years of age
  • Be a full time student at the time of application
  • Have a maximum 4- month work period during summer vacations

These programs hold interviews from approximately October to March, depending on the agency and country. Inquiries after this time are generally not accepted.